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10-11-2020 evening hunt  


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Got out kinda late, and decided to search out a special spot I remebered from a few years ago. I first stumbled upon it late in the year a few seasons earlier - the leaves had already dropped and the hardwoods were already stripped of any nuts, but I remembered the forest floor was just covered in a carpet of nut litter and hulls. Made a mental note to return to the spot when some nuts were present. It's not congested with a lot of undergrowth, and is full of mature hardwoods - perfect!

1011201709a HDR
1011201750e HDR
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Well, there was only about half an hour of light left when I stumbled back upon this honey hole, so I eased into the woods and sat down under a red oak, and didn't have to wait long.

I was maybe 10 or 9 minutes into my hunt, sitting om my mini bum bag when things strarted getting good -

Three nutters show up almost simultaneously, two young fryers in a shagbark within range directly in front of me.

So I zero in on the two "birds in the same bush" - one fryer hops out on a limb, and starts scratching himself, so I popped him right in the noggin, he goes down. I see fryer #2 scoot up the main trunk headed high, so I waited for a shot. Before that could happen, I hear a very loud scolding to my left - a big, fat, but not too bright grey squirrel is scolding me flicking the tail, running back and forth, wait, it's being still for a second...POP #2 down.

In less than ten minutes fryer #2 makes an appearance, and gives me a nice, clear shot, BINGO!

1011201732a HDR
1011201750b HDR

You fellas might be tired of me saying this, but I feel very fortunate that this bottle build has come together so well - I don't feel the need to do any tweaking, I just want the opportunity(s) to shoot it, and do some aquirrel hunting this season. Hoping this isn't too much to ask of the Universe, lotta weird stuff going down these dayz -


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I just got in from a last minute hunt this evening myself! I only picked up one scraggler though....

Real nice lookin spot there man! Big, open hardwoods......can't beat that. I like those kinda spots for their easy walkin', and the chance to pick up a real long shot every now an then, those are fun. I was almost crawling through the underbrush and briers this evening.

Looks like a good eatin' mess of squirrels there! Sweet lookin squirrel rig you got there too, looks to certainly be accurate enough. Looks like a fun evening of fast paced live action, thanks for taking us along!

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I really enjoyed this,thank you for the great story,gotta try squirrel one of these days..

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Love the story. Squirrel hunting is my favorite.