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The S.M.G.C. Pneumatic's play "Airgun Ambassadors" to the Grand Valley Cap and Ball gun club in Hopkins Michigan.

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About 2 weeks ago I got a call  from Dennis Priddy of the Grand Valley Cap and Ball gun club asking if we could share some thoughts and history of our air gun program.  He and another member “Don” drove down to our club to visit and invited us to their facility to survey the grounds and share some advice on building an airgun program.  Mark King, myself and new S.M.G.C. Pneumatic member Matt Sweet all drove up to Hopkins Michigan today to take a looksee  and we were really glad we did.  These fellows have a really nice piece of property and are primarily dedicated to shooting pre 1840 historical replica black powder guns.  Well before ya know it an airgun match broke out.  It consisted of 50 off hand shots and about 15 lanes on a walking course through the woods.  Dennis and Larry are shooting “Ball Reservoir  airguns meant to replicate the old bellows powered airguns of the Napoleonic era.  To have been caught with an airgun in Napoleonic  France was a guillotine able offense as they were deemed unfair and  unsportsmanlike in battle due to their low report and lack of a  powder signature.  These two ball reservoir rifles where actually built by artisan craftsman Dennis L. Priddy.  They have small caliber sleeves for target shooting like today and then the sleeves are removable allowing the same rifle to be used as a large bore deer gun.


Pictured are, myself, Dennis Priddy, Larry, and Ozzie of the G.V.C.& B. and our newest Pneumatic member Matt Sweet.  Note, Mark King takes my place in the second picture  so I can snap one of him.

Look for more details to come shortly on both programs.




1st pic: L to R in first photo, Chris Martin, Dennis Priddy, “Larry” and “Ozzy” of the G.V.C.B., and our newest member Matt Sweet.

2nd pic: same lineup except Mark King is standing where I was while I take a pic.

3rd. pic: Dennis Priddy of the G.V.C.B.

4th pic: Larry of G.V.C.B.

5th pic: Yours truly shooting off hand at about 40 yards.


We are exploring the possibilities of hosting some intramural shooting events this season where we coordinate the dates so we don’t step on either program.


Hope to see ya “Down on the range” real soon!