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S.M.G.C. Pneumatics have added a new "Airgun Junkyard Shoot" competition to their monthly summer line up in 2020. Saturday the 11th.

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The S.M.G.C. Pneumatics are holding an "Off Hand Woods-Walking Junkyard Shoot" this Saturday morning the 11th of July.  10 lanes, 40 shots, all off hand but half the lanes are standing and the other half are shot sitting on a bench.  All kinds of repurposed junk has been arranged for your juvenile plinking enjoyment!  🙂  Shoot starts at 9:30 A.M. this Saturday in Mattawan Michigan at the lower canyon portion of the Southern Michigan Gun Club.  All types of airguns are welcome but there is a 30 foot pound limit on power to save our targets.  $5.00 for members, and $8.00 for guests.  If a guest pays the $8.00 to shoot the course they are welcome to use the regular airgun range for the rest of the day.  P.M. if you want more information on this Saturdays shoot.


here are just a few snaps from the first Junkyard shoot we set up last month.

Junkyard shoot 1
Junkyard shoot 2
Junkyard shoot 3