North Carolina Airgun Show 2019 October 18-19  


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2019-05-13 21:35:51  

The North Carolina Airgun Show will be held at the Hickory American Legion October 18-19. The Legion is located 1 American Legion Avenue, Newton NC 28658. There will be door prizes, food, and shooting range. Electricity available at at each table. Very nice roomy exhibit hall great lighting heating and air conditioning (this time of the year you won't which you will need). Watch for further information to come on accommodations and reservations. 

North Carolina Airgun Show - October 18 / 19 2019


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2019-05-28 21:49:29  

Glad to see this tmac. I came a few years ago and hope to make it again.

Rob in NC
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2019-10-16 21:44:47  

Reminder to all that the show is this week.  Looking forward to seeing the folks and such!

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