Long Range airgun match in Temecula .... cash prizes.  


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2019-01-27 18:56:39  

Long Range Shooting Match coming this Spring in Temecula!

How good ARE you? Wanna pit your airgun against some really good shooters in shoulder to shoulder competition? Do you have a .177, .20, or .22 cal airgun? So get ready to bring your game to our Temecula long range (over 100 meters) match scheduled for this coming March 30 (5th Sunday of March, 2019).

This match is NOT benchrest, being fired off the hand, which can be supported off a low stone wall, or even kneeling or standing if you like. A series of shots to be fired at banks of reactive targets in timed relays will determine your skills and maybe net you lot of cash (a large percentage of the entry fees will go toward very substantial cash prizes for the top shooters). No slugs, no bipod, monopod, spcl front rest etc. A little like Silhouette, with shoulder to shoulder timed shooting at known distance, and a bit like the really old style FT where a low wall could be used for support, but since we HAVE evolved a bit in 35yrs, the range much longer!

I'll post an entry form soon, and will accept a limited number of entries, with a cutoff date around March 15. Limit will probably be around ewenty-eight contestants. It's a one day event, but there is space for some folks to arrive the day before and camp here.

Entry fee will be $75.00 if received in advance, or $90.00 the morning of the shoot. Meals will be extra.

Email me at: for more info


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2019-01-30 22:14:45  

Temecula Long Range Airgun event,  ENTRY FORM and RULES for match scheduled for Sunday March 31, 2019

The Temecula Airgun Club is again offering the opportunity test your skills and shoot with some of the best, so join us for a great day of competition and camaraderie. Its a NEW game!  Not bench rest, Field Target, or  Silhouette, but almost a mix of all three!  The top shooters will be awarded substantial cash prizes (up to 3/4 of the gate).  

1. The match will consist of  a series of relays of five shots per shooter at a distance exceeding 100 meters across the canyon.
Shooters will be called to the line by relay and will fire on command.  Relays will be timed and the shooters may not fire more than five shots, and MUST stop firing at the cease fire command. Shooting positions will be rotated every relay, and each shooter will end up shooting in the morning, mid-day, and afternoon, so as to equalize conditions accross the board.

2. A sightin area will be available near the competition line, with approximately the same distance and wind directions as used for  the scoring shots.  The sightin area will be open the afternoon before the match, as well as during most of the match.  Competitors will be allowed to use this area between relays, but may not aim or fire from the competition line unless called to the line.  No firearms or bigbore airguns may fired or displayed at the sightin line.

3. Targets will be standard biodegradable White Start clay pigeons, hanging vertically from crosswire target stand supports.  Each contestant will engage his bank of  targets on command.  Targets must be either be broken or holed to be scored as hits  (brother samples have been tested with low powered guns and break easily, but well-centered .177 sometimes produce just a nice hole with a large coneshaped plug blown out the back).

d. Targets broken by a pellet hit will be scored as a point ONLY if fired in proper left to right order within the allotted time.  A substantial part or parts of the target must be broken from the target for a scored hit.  All targets will be checked for cracks before and after firing by the target setters.

e. Equipment:   Airguns of .17, .20, or .22 caliber are allowed.  Only regulation airgun pellets may be used, no slugs or bullet-like ammunition.  No artificial rests, monopods, bipods, or tripods may be used.   A bumbag or low backless and armless stool may be used for sitting only.  A towel or thin pad may be used for kneeling or as protection to the hand or arm.  No Shooting Jacket or gloves please.  No spotting or coaching.  Use of spotting scopes will not be allowed for shooters or team member to observe any record shots.

f. Shooting position:  The the shooter's hand, forearm, or elbow may rest on the  low (apprx 24")  wall.  The gun's forend may be supported by the shooters hand only.  The GUN must be supported by the shooter's hand or body, with no contact to a seat or the ground.  The shooters knee, foot or leg may not be used to help steady the gun.

g.  The match will begin in the morning, exact time depending on wind forecasts and conditions, and continue until mid to late afternoon.  We will break for lunch before the last relay.

h.  "May the best man win": There will NOT be specific equipment classes contested, though of course we will post the sort of equipment and style any individual wants alongside his/her scores. Prizes from 1st up to 5th places will be awarded to the top high scorers.
Registration consists of supplying your name and address on the check or M.O., as well as indicating whether you are camping. . Match fee will be $75, with a $15 late fee for entries received after March 15. .  Fee for Juniors under 15 accompanied by adults shoot for at a reduced fee with early registration.

Due to this event being held on private property with limited parking etc., Dry camping spots will be limited to around a dozen, so reserve them early. Please don't ask to camp for the sake of camping (*if you are not competing in the event).

Entries will be limited to 28 shooters.

Safety is paramount.  No gun with a closed bolt or even a  magazine installed may be handled or carried or displayed EXCEPT on the sightin range or official firing line. Guns should be unloaded and uncocked unless on the sightin line or match firing line with Hot Line call.

Practice at the sightin range is for REGISTERED competitors on Saturday between 8am and 6 pm and the on Sunday between sunup and sundown, assuming at least two experienced shooters are on the line.

Charging of guns should be done at designated charging areas, not right at a shooting area. Other than air tanks, shooters should carry all their equipment to and from the shooting lane, and NOT leave any around before or after shooting, as it may interefere with other shooters or lead to loss ad consternation.

Be safe, have fun.

You can contact me via email at:
Send your registration ck. or m.o. to:

L. Durham
38505 Overhill Rd.
Temecula, Ca., 92592

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2019-02-23 19:58:15  

Only a half dozen or so openings left if I count those that SAY they are coming, although only half of them are paid up, and so might face lats charges.

Its going to be a really great day for shooting airguns at long range, no matter who wins, and we will for sure all learn a bit more ab out how our toys work.

For now, I'm still sortof leaning toward .177 cal, and might just use my regular field target rig just to increase the fun factor.