June 2nd Airgun Silhouette Match - 1:00 pm- Windy, Sunny- NOT Rainy  


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2019-05-30 17:29:12  
We’re opening the range early at 11 AM for airgun practice on Sunday.
We welcome airguns up to & including .25 cal during the open practice, but not for competition.


During the match, Rifles are limited to 20 fpe or less and Pistols are 12 fpe or less.

The distance for Pistols is less, so don't let the lower limit scare you.


Calibers permitted are .177, .20 and .22 only. No .25 caliber during the match

Lead pellets only. No BBs, darts or plastic tipped or metal coated pellets.


All spectators and shooters are required to wear safety glasses. Hearing protection is optional and recommended. 


Cost is $10.00 for members and $15.00 for Guests. Shooters under the age of 18 accompanied by an adult shoot free.


We typically run two Relay’s so you can shoot rifle in one relay and pistol or another rifle or pistol class in another. You can even shoot a re-fire, which is a second round of the same class. Our targets are custom built, one-of-a-kind string re-settable silhouettes so the matches tend to go pretty quickly.

Have fun, keep your rifle and pistol shooting skills sharp with air gun silhouette.

Martin O'

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2019-05-30 21:47:23  

Sounds great, but  where pray tell is the event being held?

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2019-05-30 23:10:18  

Click on the Diablo Rod and Gun Club banner at the bottom of the previous post.

Never mind that doesn't work but GOOGLE it and the club website will come up

Allen Corneau
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2019-06-21 08:18:42  

The video made it look like you're only shooting at two distances. Did I miss all four animals at all four distances or are you guys running an abbreviated course of fire?

Either way, glad to see more people shooting silhouette!