Fellow Airgunners, Young & Old, Living In the Crawford, Mercer, Venango, and Erie County, PA Areas  


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Fellow Airgunners, Young & Old, Living In the Crawford, Mercer, Venango, and Erie County, PA Areas:

My name is Jeff Edelmann living in Cochranton, PA, and I'm interested in starting a low-key, fun, and enjoyable AIRGUN club (no firearms -- sorry! 😥 ) for anyone interested in airgun shooting and airgun camaraderie.  Our focus would be on pellet airgun shooting with the possibility of various formats including target shooting (paper, objects, spinners, metal trap, metal field target, and metal 1/10 NRA silhouette).

ALL ages are welcome (under 18 must have an adult guardian present) and any airguns and level of expertise are welcome.  Various airguns, targets, and ammo can be provided if needed and no experience is necessary as long as you wish to learn airgunning skills.  As always, airgun safety is a priority and will be practiced at all times.  If we elect to organize due to enough participation, membership would be free and friendly competitions may be possible.  It is my hope that, if possible, various members can provide SAFE target-shooting backyards or areas and host get-togethers on an alternating basis (which may be necessary at times particularly if you intend to use a non-backyard friendly PCP rifle/pistol with a louder report 😉 ).

Please contact me at to express your interest and willingness to participate and/or if you have any questions!

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Altho I'm new to this I'm trying to get interest in out area , I'm in upstate NY Corning to be exact and would like to get with fellow air gunners to promote and eventually have an annual meet/shoot on a yearly  basis feel free to contact me at