Airgun Golf Events?  


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2019-06-20 14:10:46  

Found this article about airgun golf. Anyone know of any events in the Central Florida area? I would love to check it out.


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2019-06-20 16:31:39  

Here is suggested game to play:

  • 100 yard from Tee to Target (exploding golf ball).
  • 1st shot is 100 yards.  If you get a hole in one your are doing good.
  • Each subsequent shot moves in 25 yards.  Count the number of shot it takes to explode the golf ball.
  • I would think you need a ball for each shooter and you shoot and move down as a group until all the balls are exploded.
  • You could add things to make different holes (trips down the 100 yard lane from Tee to ball) harder such as some standing offhand, some sitting offhand, some standing with bipod, others sitting with bipod.

David Enoch

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