Airgun clubs or matches in North Carolina?  


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2019-02-28 08:51:28  

Are there any clubs in NC that host airgun competitions? I'm primarily a metallic silhouette shooter, but I would consider other disciplines if there's no silhouette matches in this state. 

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2019-02-28 14:24:09  

Dan, I'm sure others will chime in because they know better than I do. I'm in Florida. However, I have been to several Field Target competitions in North Carolina, including the National Championship last year. Here is a link to the Airgun Warriors Field Target clubs page. NC, and all other states that have active hosting clubs are listed. I hope this helps.


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2019-03-08 16:12:19  


I am in NC and shoot 22 cal metallic silhouette matches 2x per month. The first Saturday March thru November is in Rutherforton NC and the second Saturday of each month is in Asheville NC. After the 22 cal silhouette match they have a silhouette match for air rifle. There is also a 22 cal silhouette match in Columbia SC each month year round. There and air rifle FT in Burlington and Raleigh area as well.

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2019-05-13 21:39:23  

The North Carolina Airgun Show will be held at the Hickory American Legion October 18-19. The Legion is located 1 American Legion Avenue, Newton NC 28658. There will be door prizes, food, and shooting range. Electricity available at at each table. Very nice roomy exhibit hall great lighting heating and air conditioning (this time of the year you won't which you will need). Watch for further information to come on accommodations and reservations.