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The Board of Inquiry is intended for posting direct experiences on sellers and buyers doing business in the airgun community.

  1. Do not engage in conversations or speculation if you do not have a personal stake or issue in the feedback topic. Only the 2 parties involved in the transaction are allowed to participate in the topic as described here:
    a) Stay within the facts of the transaction and refrain from using emotional language.
    b) Do not use characterizations such as thief, scammer or other slanderous opinions. Speak to the facts of the issue, not the individual/s.
    c) Party A starts a feedback thread about Party B, Party B responds once and thread is finished. Make sure to,state all the relevant facts in one post.
    d) Post the members name in the message title and include whether the transaction was a positive or negative experience.
    e) NO TRANSACTION, NO FEEDBACK HERE. if you did not do a transaction with another party. DO NOT POST
  2. Keep it civil, as with the main forum rules, foul language, racial slurs, and personal attacks will not be allowed.
  3. Limit your responses to 5 each (between seller and buyer). Post a response only if the other party has responded to your feedback. Do not make 5 individual solo posts.
  4. All feedback between private sellers and buyers must be posted in the Board of Inquiry found here:
  5. All Dealer / Vendor feedback must be posted in the Dealer Board of Inquiry found here:
  6. There is a dedicated topic for scammer listings found here: The same BOI rules apply there too.
  7. Posts that contravene any of the above rules will be deleted.


Thank you.
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Old Yellow Forum Board of Enquiry Archive:

It can be found here:

The file is 32mb in size and takes a bit of time to load so be patient. 

Use: Open the link above and wait for it to fully load; control+f to search for the name of the person you are seeking feedback on. If you need to click on one of the links be sure to Control+click so that it opens in a new browser tab, that way it won't load the whole json file again when you go back.

On Tapatalk the archive can be found here for as long as Tapa keeps the site up:


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