WTS: Custom Walnut Kalibrgun stock.

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Please read before committing. This is a custom made Cricket Walnut stock that is 95% complete. It needs a little more sanding in the inletting and needs to have the action bedded in the stock as there is a little rocking front to back, this stock was made for the single screw crickets but with a little work you could mount the newer 2 screw crickets or just use 1. This stock is approximately 3in longer than the .25 cricket long skeleton stocks and is made for .25 or .35 crickets (.35 will require slight widening for the receiver)IT WILL NOT FIT .22cal OR .177cal. I want $250 (basically my cost for the blank and maybe 1 of 3 router bits I went through) for it plus shipping. The stock is dry so you can finish as you see fit (tried putting a little oil on the stock to show color but my camera sucks). Last two pictures I tried putting a little oil on it to show color but camera and lighting where not my friends. Forgot to mention stock did have a 4 inch magpul rail mounted on it but has been removed so the holes are there to mount another if you so choose. Any question please email me.
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