WTS: FX Verminator Extreme .25 Cal

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$ 1,600.00
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Kit Includes:

Verminator Mk2 Action
500cc Bottle
Shrouded Pellet Barrel
Shroud Extension
Arrow Barrel
4x Arrows
FX 6-18 Scope
FX 3-12 Scope
2x Sets Quick Connect Mounts
Foam Lined Hard Case
Fill Adapter

Also includes a partial can of JSB Match Diabolo's, the rifle has had one can of pellets through it and what is missing from this can is all that was ever shot though this rifle. The arrow barrel has never been mounted or used, either has the arrow scope. This rifle and scopes are in perfect, "brand new" condition, no scratches, dings, dents or rust.

The Verminator Extreme, from the master gun maker FX Airguns of Sweden, is one of, if not the most versatile compact air rifles ever built. This new rifle sports the best in quality and design that FX has to offer with features like a new soft touch stock for all weather comfort and a pressure regulator as standard equipment for shot to shot consistency. The included hard case with laser cut compartments offers protection and carry convenience for the rifle and its included FX 6-18, side focus scope and mounts. The size and weight of the Verminator Extreme make it the top choice for backyard safaris, target shooting or long range vermin control. With accuracy of a match rifle and the flexibility of two power settings the Verminator can handle any demands placed upon it. Adjust the power setting to low and install the included 6.5" shroud extension and the rifle is perfect for quiet family target shooting. Adjust the power setting to high and 100 yard small game can be quietly dispatched. FX has revolutionized what an air rifle can do by the incorporation of a quick change system of barrels. In less than 15 seconds the shooter can remove the pellet firing barrel and install a unit for shooting arrows. A quick change scope mount system with a included FX 3-12X scope is included. This amazing Air-Bow system is both accurate and powerful with tested performance out to 50 yards. The rifle includes 4 arrows neatly packed into a cut-out in the case. The tested velocity with arrows is 270-290 fps placing this arrow gun at compound bow levels of performance. Medium size game can now be humainly dispatched with the Verminator Extreme shooting arrows. The new model Verminator is "Extreme" on quality, "Extreme" on features and "Extreme" on versatility.
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