SOLD: 5 air rifles for sale (PCPs - Springers Sold)

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I want to downsize from five rifles to one rifle so I’m selling the lot.


I’m trying to keep this post simple, so here are the basic details of each rifle and one group pic. I would be glad to take and send high-res pics of any gun. I would also be glad to provide any test targets and/or chrony data to SERIOUS and INTERESTED buyers.

Please note that my prices are firm, do NOT include shipping, and for are PayPal friends and family (otherwise add 3%).

Contact me through my email address:

• RWS / Diana 48 T-06 .22 with Sight Mark 3x32 VXR-L scope and Vortek spring >> SOLD!!! ($275)

• RWS / Diana 34 T-06 .177 with UTG 3-12x40 scope and, UTG drooper mount, and Vortek PG2 kit and spring >> SOLD!!! ($250)

• Hatsan Flash .177 with Mantis 3-9x32 scope, two magazines, and fill probe >> $250 (or $200 without scope)

• Hatsan AT-44 .177 with UTG 3-12x44 etched glass scope, two air tubes (one with Robert Lane regulator) four magazines, fill probe, ldc >> $325 (or $250 without scope)

• Kral BigMax .22 with UTG 4-16x40 scope, three magazines, handgrip bipod, original hard case, and fill probe (ldc in pic is NOT included) >> $450 (or $400 without scope)

These are all very good rifles. All the PCPs hold air and the springers have vortek springs. They have all been tinkered with in some way and I truly believe that each one shoot better than when I first received them.
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