WTS: (NEW) Steel Quadrant Target (Version 5.0) MOA Chicken @ 100 Yards

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(This is the 5th version of this target. Lower profile with better legs, tigher tolerences. The gap between the chicken and panels is super tight. )

This is a brand new hand made Quadrant Target. I wish I could sell it cheaper but it takes me 6 hours to make one of these and they weigh about 30 pounds. Made of 1/4 inch steel. The white squares are exactly 4 inches. The chicken has about a quarter size center, reinforced in back (about 1 inch thick). His head will not bend. Precision made. Also has folding legs for easy transport, ground spikes in front, and bonus 7/8 inch and 2 inch targets on the bottom. The internals of this targets are polished and greased, so these spin fast and always return to their exact position.

Heavy duty and literally indestructible. Drop it off a building, shoot it with a .357, it won't budge out of square or shape under any circumstance. I offer an unconditional 200 year warranty on this target. (Warranty transfers to whoever owns the target.)

$299.00 + free shipping anywhere in the USA . Paypal OK. You can PM me, email me at kaylaindy@gmail.com, or text me at 360-844-0962. Happy shooting! -Nate

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