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Rifle is in good condition, completely rebuilt and shooting VERY accurately.

Back in the 60's the Walther Match Spring Piston airguns in the 50 and 55 range gave way to the LGV and then to the LGV "Spezial".
After that, Walther stepped over to the SSP and then PCP platforms.
So, along the Walther family, this is one of the last of the spring piston Match Airguns ever made.

Gun is not a safe queen, showing use and some patina, though a good "wood finisher" could bring the old stock back to life with little effort. And the steel sleeve could be easily re-parkerized.
It is shooting very well, consistent and accurate, as a Match gun should. Bonus is that the old girl likes inexpensive pellets (RWS Diabolo Basic).

The description of the rebuild and the current performance has been published here:

And here are a few more pictures.

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