WTB: Airforce accessories & upgrade parts: Air Tanks; .25 Barrel; Stock; AR Grip Adapter; etc..

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I am looking for some accessory and upgrade items for my 2 Airforce setups. Please let me know if you are interested in selling any items like these or if there are other noteworthy upgrade items you know about that might be helpful for me.
1.) Air Tanks in both small size for Talon-P and also Full size for Condor. I would like to eventually have standard, high flow and micro meter Spin Lock tanks and a couple extra of the smaller TalonP/Escape sized too. My TalonP is the older version although I am considering upgrading it to the Spin Lock tanks so at this point I would consider getting either style of extra tanks for it.
2.) Barrel in .25 for the Condor SS, I think that would be the 12mm variation of their 18" barrel.
3.) Buttstock for the Talon-P/Escape with smaller sized tank. Or perhaps an upgraded stock option that works well with the smaller tank.
4.) Grip Adapter to use with AR style grips. I could use a couple of these and am open to any style, with or without the trigger guard.
5.) Sling swivel kit or other sling mounting option

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