WTS: Custom 10 shot multi breech Crosman 2240 TKO mo0derator & New Red sight Lower Price

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a 2240 with a 10 inch barrel (.22 cal) with a TKO mod New (With box) Red/Green dot & laser.A GMAC Multi-Shot Aluminum Anodized Black Self Indexing Breech .22 Left Hand. Also a fully adjustable power adjuster, and Aluminum Anodized Black barrel band.1 Benjamin Marauder 10 round magazine. With the adjuster fully screwed shooting 10 shots on a fresh bulb. high: 450 low 439 for a average of 399.8 fps using JSB Exacts 16.gr pellets. Lots of room for tuning. 265.00 shipped paypal F&F or ad 3% for standard paypal.

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