WTS: 1x Hatsan Flash and 1x Hammerli Airmagnum 850 HPA

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I NEED A WILDCAT MK 3 so something has to go, i have a hatsan flash .25 cal with some electrical burning artfully done by my brother, could prob use 1 more coat of stain, but looks great as is... the gun holds air forever and shoots 25.39gr jsbs at about 930 for 2 mags, its got high rings and a airforce 4x16-50 mill dot scope, gun outshoots the scope imo but its all i had, im asking 350.00 for everything + exact shipping of your choice.

Next is my baby, its a 22 cal hammerli 850 air magnum hpa conversion that i built myself (with alot of help from the old yellow and Roald the 850 master) ill post a link to the build if i can find it in the archives but its got a new valve drilled out and polished, ports are done it has the 2 stage trigger mod, its a 3000psi fill and close to 50 useable shots per fill, its set to about 860fps but will shoot 950+ ,seems to shoot the best for me around 850-875 the 850 is a great gun in its design imo. I carved and chisled the stock out of a chunk of wood i bought ( cant remember what kind but its not the best for a stock ) it is hard dense wood and heavy as lead but looks super sweet, there is a small crack in it by the trigger guard (see pix) that i did when i was making it but it only goes halfway around and i treated it many times with epoxy and wood glue and it hasnt spread at all in the decade ive been shooting it since, if the stock ever does break im sure it wont be at that crack, lol... it will come with a nikko sterling 4x12-50 scope and high rings,im asking $600.00 for this one and will miss her when shes gone, shipping is exact cost and your choice. message me any questions you may have and ill try and get that link to the build post on the 850 up asap, it was a blast to build and id recomend it to anyone intrested in tinkering or the mechanics of the hobby as a great project... thanks for reading and PEACE, B.

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