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This is one of my most awesome guns. I have a few of this model so I'm selling one. (I have more guns than I could ever shoot).

If you want a precision rifle that will turns heads and win matches, here you go.

Price: : $2900, free shipping. No trades or offers please. Paypal OK. You can call or text me at 360-844-0962, email me at kaylaindy@gmail.com or PM me.

my eBay listing description:

Condition: Perfect condition. Tuned for accuracy. Semi or full auto selector switch. Upgrades listed below.

Description: This is a pristine condition, flawlessly working, rare Evanix Conquest with upgrades and tuned for accuracy. This gun has won or placed in every match it has been in (4 of them). It can be run off Lipo or NiMh batteries. Custom shroud and LDC (see pics). This gun is tuned for accuracy and may have had a regulator added. Upgraded larger cc bottle for more shots.

The Conquest fires .25 cal with extreme power and accuracy past 100 yards thanks to it's match grade barrel and top notch materials and build quality. The electronic trigger is perfect for target shooting. The .25 cal traveling at 950+ FPS delivers devastating power downrange with sub MOA groups at 100 yards. The full auto mode will empty an 11 rd magazine in 1.2 seconds. You can give the trigger a quick pull in full auto mode for easily controllable double tap shots and my favorite: triple shot bursts.

This is already one of the rarest and most sought after full auto Evanix, as well as the most accurate model with the highest shot count (around 60+ shots per fill) . With the tuning and upgrades on this Conquest, you will never see another full auto Evanix this nice. I have been collecting these for years and this is by far the nicest one I have ever seen. It's also the most accurate. This gun will out shoot 90% of the $2000+ PCP rifles made today.

This package will include the full color manual, padded case, fill probe, brand new Lipo battery with deans end (deans end T-plug is another upgrade), magazine, and an NiMh battery and charger. You will also receive a video showing how to operate and care for the gun.

Ships the same day you order well packed and double boxed via Fed Ex. Free shipping! I am happy to answer any questions you may have, just email me. Happy shooting!

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