WTS: .25cal pellet mold and .257 bullet molds

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Sold Noe .25 cal pellet mold #250-34-RF pretty much new comes with all pins to adjust cast weight. Noe sizing die insert and push pin .250 $75 shipped no handles $85 with handles.

2 Arsenal 257283 60 GR molds 1 new body never used 1 used the opening edges have a little chipping. It came that way so they sent me a new one. Runs fine just get a little flashing on tail end of bullet. New mold is perfect. $40 for both no handles.

Lyman 257420 good shape $45 no handles $55 with handles.

Sizing dies noe .256, .257 and holder
2 custom sizing dies 1 256.5 fits noe holder. 1 modified lee .243 die to .2575 as best my measuring equipment can measure. All .257 dies and holder $40
Lee press $25

Everything listed except pellet mold handle and die $100.00 shipped usa

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