Open Grove, CA USARB outdoor 25meter Results:  


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2019-03-14 09:01:15  

Conditions were almost exactly like January; sunny/cloudy & bright, nice & cool though. Lite winds but ~switchy as usual. We missed February for the rain.

Welcomed 2 new shooters; Perry & Michael, FT shooters that are new to benchrest. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed.

Thank you again Tim McMurray from MAC-1 for taking the long drive, providing high quality air and scoring the targets and his good humor.

Thank you Joe Friedrich for providing the excellent range, backers, targets, scoring, and being a good friend!

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2019-03-14 09:27:25  

I would be interested to know the guns used as well as pellets and scopes if possible.



perry perry
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2019-03-18 21:37:02  

Thank you Joseph for allowing Michael and myself to join the Open Grove Benchrest shooters for a morning of bliss.

We have shot field target at Angeles Crest Shooting range.  

We will be returning.  

Thank you perry

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2019-03-19 13:45:47  

it's always nice to see picts with the scores


thank you




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