Bayou Airgun Club Benchrest Match Results 2.2.19  


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2019-02-03 18:03:14  
Just a great day all around for shooting, low 60's temperature, partly cloudy skies, wind 3-8 mph.
We'll get this out of the way right now.  The quote of the day was from Wayne Smith: "If you cheat, don't get caught".  This sort of thinking is exactly why we don't allow Wayne to have an eraser, and now we're thinking about assigning him a "spotter" (aka Score Verification Specialist) during the matches.  Jeez... some guys...  No real complaints about the wind except from an unusual source, Bobby.  Since we are all in the same boat, I think everyone has pretty much decided complaining about it elicits no sympathy whatsoever and no extra points.  Speaking of points, another tie between Wayne Smith and myself, decided by Wayne's greater number of X's.  That's why you want to see those X's, guys.  And, it's very satisfying when you achieve the official rule book definition, the perfect word for it, and "obliterate" the 10 ring.  
Congratulations to Kenny Altazin shooting his new RAW TM1000 that the seller guaranteed him would win matches (looks like he was right!) for the high match total score of the day, and Wayne Smith for the high single target score of the day (another tie, but Wayne had more X's).  So Kenny, do you think the switch to different pellets on the second card improved your scores, or did you just read the wind better?    
Congratulations to all, we hope you set new personal records, and a sincere thank you to all who participated.  Please help us grow by spreading the word, and mention to all of those hunters who will soon be out of the woods to come hit the range since their season is almost over. 
Many thanks to "The Ground Crew" featured in the pistol match report, and all others who helped set up, take down and store equipment.  Also a special thank you to Wayne Smith and Michael Kleinpeter who now have all 12 lanes fully outfitted with new benches and target racks and stands.  Just a few months ago the whole benchrest thing was just an idea, now it is a reality.  Our Bayou Airgun Club is simply one of the best in the country, and we are all proud to be members.  
Please mark your calendars now, the next match is Saturday, March 2nd, 2019.  


Pistol and BR Match 2 2 19

Richard Harris
BAC Air Pistol and Rifle Benchrest Match Director
Baton Rouge, LA

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2019-02-03 20:40:42  

Congratulations Richard

nice setup



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2019-02-04 08:51:12  

Thank you strever!

We're just getting started with benchrest, as this was only our 3rd match, but now all 12 of our lanes have benches and target stands, and our club members know what to expect, so we are ready to crank it up a notch. 

That 4th picture shows you some of the toys we play with at our pistol and benchrest matches the first Saturday of every month. The black 6-space target rack (we have 7) to the left holds our 10 meter pistol targets, at the moment doubling as a wind flag with a ribbon on it, the 4 yellow banks of animal silhouette targets (we have 12) at pistol distances, and of course our white benchrest targets out at 25 meters. We start the day at 8:30 shooting our pistol match, then begin benchrest at 10:30 which takes less than 2 hours, so we're out of there by 12:30 to enjoy the rest of the day. The open field to the left is our field target practice range, and the woods beyond and to the right contain our Lagniappe and Belle Terre field target courses. We also have about a 400 square foot club house to store equipment, a covered picnic pavilion, restrooms, and parking under the oak trees, all fenced in with a keyed padlock that only members have a key to. We are very thankful every day that our park commission, BREC, has built this facility and maintains it for us. 



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