Anyone Familiar With Tasco Custom Shop Scopes?  


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2018-10-05 21:47:40  

Found one stamped Made in Japan, over 20 years old, 8-40X56.  Original owner says he's never had a problem and glass is clear.  Wants a few hundred.  Worth it?



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2018-10-06 02:15:27  

IIRC they were $299 with Mildots new back in the day. Most were terrible.

They were BIG and HEAVY and most wouldn't focus well at higher mag.

The Big BSA or Big NIKKO STIRLING were much improved over it.

Compared to today's  superior Chinese glass you would be better off with

an Athlon or at least an Aeon. There are many many many other cheap

scopes with superior clarity compared to the Tasco Custom Shop now days.



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