WOW - look what she found the other day (FWB 103)!  


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May 4, 2018 02:53  

WOW - what appears to be a cherry, well-kept Feinwerkbau 103.

Have any of you had any experiences with such a shooter?


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May 4, 2018 06:41  

Wow! Sweet! I just sold a nice FWB 102 but did not have the FWB case.  Very nice pistol. Good find. 

Shoot long enough and you’ll have a one hole group...

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May 4, 2018 14:10  

Although we hate to see this gem go, it'll be for sale in The Yellow classified section very soon. 😪 

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May 5, 2018 11:52  

thats awesome

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May 5, 2018 11:56  

An excellent 10M pistol with an exquisite trigger.  The balance and grip (when the cocking arm is removed) rivals any match- grade pcp.  Accuracy will only suffer due to the shooter; otherwise hole-in-hole will happen to infinity.  As a single stroke pistol, no additional air supply support is required and velocities are constant.  (My 103 shoots 7.7g Vogel or R-10 match pellets at 500-508 FPS.  These fine pistols fell out of favor for serious competition only due the need to cock and remove the lever for each shot.  It really isn’t very obnoxious and actually becomes almost a subliminal habit.  Truly too bad that FWB stopped production but I’m certain the economics simply couldn’t justify continuing.  My 103 just may be the last airgun I would part with even though there are other rifles or pistols I like and shoot more frequently. If only I could tweak the velocity a tad higher, it would be my pistol of choice for FT.  GREAT find and many I’ve seen sell go in the $1000-1200 depending on condition and case/accessories. In case you can’t tell, there are folks out there devoted to the king of FWB’s 1xx series. 


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May 5, 2018 14:12  

I would put it on a auction site like GB or even Ebay, the fighting over the pistol will make the best price to you

they normally sell for 150% of blue book and book is 1200.00 in 100% 

at least that's what I would do or keep it, it is a prize that will always return your money



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May 12, 2018 21:12  is the forum for this sort of shooting and they also have an active classifieds, it would be worth joining. They may also have manuals and I know there is a lot of experience and info on the FWB-100 series. 

Try to figure out what size grips yours has, everyone will ask. 

You need to know it in detail and have excellent photos to get top dollar. And you should shoot and chronograph it and show the results. 

Good Luck!

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May 13, 2018 07:31  

I'm imagining the bunch of people that would pass up this awesome find because it "Isn't a REAL gun!"

Or because autocorrect mangled Feinwerkbau (which spellcheck wants be to booger right now)


Photos are where the $$$$ is for sure, prop yourself up a light box.

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July 11, 2018 13:35  

So how much did it sell for ????



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