Why won't Walmart s...

Why won't Walmart ship a Crosman 1720T to me?  


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2019-04-29 08:12:11  

Does anyone know any laws with shipping to the central PA area?  My Zip code is 17241.  I've never had any issue with any other site than Walmart.com.  Any ideas?



Frank in Fairfield
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2019-04-29 08:14:07  

Because.....They are idiots!

Stay safe and free..

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roger wilson
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2019-04-29 10:47:14  

I am in Illinois, & can't even buy 22 cal CPDomes, even thou they sell cphp , a couple of years ago I tried to buy online when they were on sale, I called management & talked to 3 different, managers, & it was a no go , told them I was going to block there emails & did,  I still buy at their store as I am only 2 miles from there, yes it sucks, btw I have a Foid card, & buy 22 lr shells there, but cant get cp domes, go figure.

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2019-04-29 11:06:38  

I'm in Illinois too. Cabellas would not ship a .177 Diana 34 to me. However, if it was on the shelves of a Illinois store, I could buy it. How screwed up is that?

Also, I asked could you ship the rifle to a retail store and I pick it up? No was the answer. I made a lot of phone calls to Cabellas decision makers. The bottom line...…...they interpret the written law incorrectly...……..The law clearly states that .18 caliber can not be shipped in Illinois...…...therefore it's ok to ship .177 just like most retailers know. I have no problems with most dealers. retailers like Cabellas are missing out on sales. I wonder what their stockholders think about that?

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2019-04-29 12:33:27  

Walmart sent me a PCP rifle and I live in CA.  I just think the lawmakers cause too much problems for the various companies to hassle with....try to buy it from some other company and see what happens...ps some eBay sellers will not ship air gun related stuff to CA....they can,butt refuse to....

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2019-04-29 14:53:44  

Blame it on ignorance too. Been there done that...



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