Whoa! Awesome mod f...

Whoa! Awesome mod for FX Wildcat Owners  


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2018-10-10 15:24:08  

Well that is if you like to shoot a single pellet instead of using the mag like I do. I did a search for a single shot tray for my WC. I did find them listed at Airgun Depot, but they were listed as “on order”. So off to the UK I went and found one there for about $25 shipped.  Problem was (maybe it was just me ?) the breech is so deep in the action it requires a ramp that is quite long and the pellets tended to move around on their way down and land the wrong way.

So again the search continued. Then i found this. Works great! The loader just needs a flip from your thumb to open. The pellet is held in place by an O ring, so once it’s in it stays put until the probe is closed. The assembly includes the entire cheek piece.  About $59 shipped and comes in 177, 22, and 25.





FX Wildcat Hinge Loader 177, 22 or 25

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Great....ya just cost me $108....oh well, they make money to spend, right?

Thanks for the tip!



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