Walther springers

Walther springers  


Prairie Farmer
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2018-02-04 10:46:02  

Doing some reading today, notice the availability of the LGV's has diminished stateside.  Wonder if they are just waiting another import, or have they been discontinued?

Jason G

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Mike Ellingsworth
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2018-02-04 16:24:03  

Not up on the original topic but

I recently received a as new  LGU in a trade, In person  it looks  a lot nicer, looks very well made  and I have always heard  positive  things on the LGU

one fellow  said he had them all, but since he had the LGU he did not need the others, I thought that was a amazing statement

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Larry Pirrone
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2018-02-04 17:26:12  

I have both. LGV is under powered and hard to tune for more power due to a long transfer port. I think that if you want one you may be able tp get it from the Netherlands from Krales. The LGU is a very accurate gun  and I recommend it.  The trigger is just OK in my opinion but can be reworked and made very good. Even better if you go with a trigger from Bruno Silva in Portugal.


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