Vulcan to the rescu...

Vulcan to the rescue...  


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2018-12-31 18:38:21  

So I got a new drone for Christmas. It's a fairly serious machine with a 14 mp camera and 1080P, 30 frames / second video. I managed to get it lodged 70' high in a pine tree in a thick forest on my very first flight.  With the help of the on board GPS and a good friend we located the drone. We were going to try to use his drone to dislodge it but the anti-collision  system on his high end model wouldn't allow him to maneuver an improvised hook fashioned from a coat hanger into position. It sensed it's proximity to the trees and refused to advance closer than 10 feet or so.

We stood there scratching our heads when I had a brainstorm. I drove home and grabbed my Vulcan. It's a tack driver. I returned to the scene and repeatedly shot the supporting branch from beneath the drone. After several dozen shots the branch gave way and released the drone. 

One new prop, a factory reset and calibration. She's good as new.

But alas, it looks like I bought the wrong brand. I just learned something that makes today's victory a little less sweet. It seems that the company that makes the drone (Parrot) has quietly begun shutting down their line of privately piloted drones. They've already closed their US store. Waited until after Christmas of course in hopes of liquidating a lot of inventory. With no more customer support I'd better start saving now for a DJI. They're the best from what I'm learning.

.22 Cal. Vulcan to the rescue....

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