Vulcan 2 loose fitt...

Vulcan 2 loose fitting air cyclinder  


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2018-08-23 22:53:08  

A question to knowledgeable Vulcan owners specifically Vulcan 2 owners.  The rifle is .25 cal. 

I am wondering if all Vulcan's, just Vulcan 2's, or just mine have loose fitting air cylinders?  The vertical blocks don't clamp tight and the tube rattles around a little.   My Wildcat holds the cylinder snug.  The only thing that comes to mind is they don't want any tank deviations to affect the rifle and accuracy.  Seems strange to have something loose like this for such a well made rifle.  Thank you in advance for knowledgeable responses. 

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2018-08-24 14:41:12  

Hi Perry,

FWIW, I thought I would chime in here. My Vulcan 1 Gen 4 does not have any looseness within the air tube clamps. It's tight.

You could always put one rap of thin tape under one, or both, of the vertical clamps?

Take care, Scott 



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