Vortex Crossfire II...

Vortex Crossfire II 1-4x24  


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2019-10-07 17:37:11  

I am thinking about getting this scope for my 2400kt. This scope has a set parallax for 100 yards. I am wondering how this scope does for <30 yards. Is there noticeable parallax? Is the picture still clear? Thanks!



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2019-10-08 17:45:46  

you can reset parallax on most scopes

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2019-10-09 07:58:07  

I have a couple scopes in that power range (leupolds) and size.  The 20mm objective has much less parallax error than the bigger ones, but it can still be noticable at 10 yards. The reticle moves almost 1/2" when moving my eye from side to side.   Not enough to worry about from 20 yards out. It just depends on the size of your target and if you will be using a stock that allows repeatable cheek weld.


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