Update on filling t...

Update on filling the Avanti 2.5oz removable tank  


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2018-04-19 12:47:47  

Update on filling the Avanti 2.5oz removable tank from my 25LB tank using

25lb co2 tank mounted
Co2 Fill Staion
20oz tank setup

an ebay bought fill station.

Well there was a little confusion on if you could fill the small, long Avanti tanks with the standard fill station setup used for re-filling 9/20 ounce paintball tanks. I was not sure and neither was the fine fellow that I bought the 887 from. He had it filled at the fire station when needed.

Well, I finally figured I would give it a try and am pleased to say that it is the same fittings that are used for filling a regular paintball tank. This was a relief as now I don't have to worry about a special fitting and doing some more plumbing to accommodate two styles to the main line.

Filling went easy enough (once I realized I had the main tank valve closed ;-)) I had shot an incredible amount of shots off the tank as it came to me with gas in it. I think the former owner said he had taken about 75 shots on it and I put on atleast another 150! I am used to about 35 good shots with my 12 gram cart guns and about 45-50 with my 2-cart Umerex Fusion.

At any rate, filling was easy. I drained out the remaining gas from the 2.5oz tank, then took a empty tank weight reading (14.5oz) and added the 2.5 oz needed, I came up with 17oz needed for final full weight. That all sent easyily enough, just as I do the paintball tanks. So there you have it.

I think that it would not be hard to fill the Avanti tank from a 20oz paintball tank either. You would just need the end female paintbal connectors to fit both ends of the line. Right now I have a quick disconnect on my PB bottle fill staion so I can bulk fill my Crosman 114. It is a Benjamin fill staion that I bought from PA when I first bought my M-rod and have now used it on a Disco or two and the 114. I'll leave it along as I filnd filling from the 25lb tank to be actually a bit less confining and easier to use the scale with. It is rated for HPA so if I ever go there again, I'm all set.

Which brings me to a question, if anyone is still reading this? I have a hanging scale, but think that a postal style scale would be a better, more accurate option. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a decent digital scale I can rest the tank on as opposed to hanging the tank. My Hornady reloading scale does not have the capacity, but would be what style I was thinking about (just larger).

Thanks and hope this clears up some of the confusion about filling the Avanti tanks.
Tank pics are attached.

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Don't think you'd need to worry about that kind of accuracy...even 1/10th ounce is likely more accurate than you'd ever really need.  If taking the tank off the fill hose, could use a kitchen food scale at still get within a fraction of a gram.


I personally like the big old type double ever fill system.....whatever needs replacing is only a trip to the hardware store away.



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I get mine filled at the local Dunham's sporting goods store.  It's usually under $2 to fill two of them.



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