Trick shot: Opening...

Trick shot: Opening a bottle the hard way- Dead Eye Challenge  


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2019-07-01 07:08:16  

No bottle opener? No problem!

I revisit a trick shot: shooting the cap off a bottle of soda.

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2019-07-01 12:47:15  

That's pretty good no matter the distance, but how far away were you from the bottle?  I didn't catch it if you mentioned it.

Anyway, if you could make the same shot while riding your horse, I guess you could say you're a member of 'the Annie Oakley club'.  (You know, that reads sorta bad to me when I say it out loud, but it's not meant to be). 

A quick search says that Annie may have not been able to do it while riding a horse, either.  I just looked it up and the various trick shooting experts seem to have done the majority of their best shooting while on the ground, which probably makes more sense.  Anyway...

Note to self: Get a horse.

Safe and Happy Shooting!

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2019-07-01 12:54:56  

This was relatively close- 12 yds. 
I'm confident I could do it again at 25 yds, but only had a few bottles on hand and didn't want to waste Cheerwine!

As my first attempt proved, a misplaced shot is pretty disastrous.

Marauder .177

JSB 13.4 gr

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Shot using bipod shooting sticks, sitting on a bucket.



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