TR5 vs IZH61  


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2019-09-08 12:06:41  

Some side-by-side pics.  The Izzy is a high-mileage steel receiver version that shoots super smooth around 480 fps.  The TR5 is quite new, and weighs considerably less, shooting around 550.  It is buzzy and jumpy in comparison.  Both have pretty decent triggers, but the nod goes to the IZH, but the TR5 trigger is still new, and surprising.  I'm guessing it will wear in quite nicely.  The magazines are NOT interchangeable, so don't try it.  (I learned the hard way!)  So is the TR5 a new IZH? That's a hard NO.  But it is a fun value-priced handy little plinker, and a decent substitute for the original if you wanted one and can't find one.

IZH TR5 07 1

IZH TR5 01 1

IZH TR5 02 1

IZH TR5 03 1

IZH TR5 04 1

IZH TR5 05 1

IZH TR5 06 1


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