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Charlie Sierra
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2019-05-04 12:49:21  

Which is better – .22 or .25? – Part 1


Ouch this did age well... not at all

.22 superior to .25 for hunting. 

Dude totally missed the target, the caliber doesn’t matter as long as you are dumping the most FPE into the quarry.  SMDH🤨

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2019-05-05 01:25:46  

He is talking about this back in 2009...



Charlie Sierra
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2019-05-05 06:16:21  

Like I said, it didn’t age well. Meaning things really changed. And he still missed the point energy delivered wins. It’s like that old doc Beeman push for .20 cal as the superior pellet. That was a lot of marketing. 

Cvan thanked
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2019-05-06 13:34:25  

Kinda like the 20 cal ,Forrgotten by most negleted by others too bad it is akin to the 16ga.


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