Those that have had...

Those that have had regulators act up or fail  


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2018-09-03 00:23:57  

Troubleshooting an issue with my Anschutz.  It's accurate as can be but acting strangely.  Been tearing my hair out swapping parts.  

First symptom:  Air up the gun to 2900 psi.  (gun shooting well before the refill).  Hammer strike insufficient to send a pellet all the way down the barrel.  This happened twice.  Implication - valve seeing full pressure and normal hammer strike unable to crack the valve sufficiently.  Admitted this was after swapping valves and valve springs because the rifle had lost air during storage (out the valve).

Put original valve back in.  Fill it up.  Hooray, it shoots.  But at 400fps.  That's ok, knew I'd need to adjust hammer spring with valve changes.  Start running chrono strings.  Over the course of 30-40 shots it starts around 775 and climbs up to 830 before I stopped.  A regulated gun would not act this way.  This is acting like a badly tuned regular PCP (like my old S400).  

I don't have a reg tester.  Thoughts?  I guess this is why guns get sent to AZ 🙁 

Otherwise it's brilliant and accurate.  And yes the rifle is modded:

Valve block is counter-bored.  PEEK valve.  Action bored deeper for more plenum.  But the regular is not modded.  I've turn it up and down 1/2 turn using a Torx T30.  This has had the desired effect in the past.  It currently sits at 1/4 turn in from stock (rifle is a Black Air hunter 6fpe from the factory).  I don't think it's the adjustments per se that have caused an issue but all I can surmise now is that my reg is acting up.  One thing I have yet to try is replace the regulator external Orings that seal it in the action.  I suppose if the front one near the air tube is leaking/failed, it would allow full reservoir pressure into the action.



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2018-09-03 08:04:59  

Sounds like the regulator is not regulating. It could be the seat in the reg not sealing. Sounds like it might be time for a regulator rebuild.


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