The 850 Store is cl...

The 850 Store is closing down  


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2018-08-15 18:50:10  

Hi guys, I'm not sure where to post this .... please move it as you see fit.

The 850 Store is closing down.

After supporting and modifying 850's for well over a decade it is time for me to retire.
It's time for me to shoot my own Airguns and enjoy them.

I'm currently working on the few 850's left in my queue and will be not accepting any new work.
All the parts I have left are accounted for.

I will still be available to answer questions and offer advice if needed.
I'll leave my e-mail address up for this purpose.

The 850 Resource will still be out there along with all the tuning and modding info.

For those needing better Hammer springs and 9oz adapters, visit the 850 store website,
I have left info there about where to get them.

If you need help, as always feel free to contact me.

Take care,

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2018-08-15 20:15:27  

Hate to hear you are closing but glad you'll be getting in some quality trigger time!

When I bought my first 850 I found your how-to and used it to get started. I do a few things differently now like o-ring sealing that valve but never would have gotten started without your help.

Many thanks and happy shooting...

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2018-08-15 23:04:16  

enjoy yourself, been looking in at the forum after the move and there has been no posting at all, at least what I have found

in any case take care

mike wolfram


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2018-08-16 06:57:46  

Hey Roald,

We need to get together!

David Enoch

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2018-08-18 19:00:29  

Hey David! 

Long time no see my friend. 

Yes we do need to catch up. 

Give me a few more weeks to clear the queue and dust off my own aurguns then we can do it. 




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