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The 2019 Shot Show in Vegas ................  


Bill Day
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2019-01-28 20:05:27  

I can't say this years new products has me very excited from the info I have been able to view. I was someone excited about the Dreamline when the grapevine was saying it would come in under $1000. Now it looks like to me that the lowest price model is coming in over $1100.oo  For the money the Benjamin Marauder is still a hard rifle to beat and the only American made rifle to win three National Hunter FT Championships in the 12 years Hunter has been a legal AFFTA class.

Although, for you heavy game hunters it could be "HAMMER" time for a reasonable cost. Hatsan and Kral may also have a couple winners in their line up. JMHO

Member of Trade
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2019-01-30 15:49:43  

Hi Bill, here's my playlist;

Seems like there are so many new airguns, and so many are essentially the same gun but branded by different makers/distributors, that it's hard to keep up with it all.  Same with scopes, although I checked out a few that don't get much mention otherwise, like Crimson Trace  had a few scopes that might work for FT.  Most scopes now are intended for long range shooting, not for our piddly bb guns.

What I found interesting is all of the tariff stuff going on, UK-Brexit messes up relationships between UK and Euro makers, like BSA and Gamo, maybe Daystate, and those whose stocks are made in Italy.   May not affect us much here in the US except some price increases as tariffs amongst the makers may be passed thru.   And we haven't really felt the effect of the China tariff's yet, at least I haven't noticed. 

There's lots on youtube.  I just checked out the stuff that was of interest to me, and let the airgun/youtube kids do the running around chasing new airguns.


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2019-01-30 20:31:11  

Nothing but firearms replicas, Star Wars looking guns, and big bores. Only thing interesting I have seen is the new RAW updates, and I could never afford that anyway. 

If this is the future of airgunning, I'm out. 

Speed doesn't mean a thing without precision.


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