Taipan Veteran &...

Taipan Veteran & FFP Scope - Just can't seem to get along...! Any suggestions.?  


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2018-02-01 16:06:14  

Picked up a FFP scope a while back - decided to move it to my Veteran (standard) that has the Picatinney 20MOA 

rail.  Centered the scope before mounting it on medium rings - without any changes to elevation or windage,  the gun 

is shooting about 30" to the left and nearly 16" low at 25yds.  Switched the rings around but no joy.

I've  shimmed and maxed out my scopes adjustments & still not able to get were I need to be.

I know about some of the adjustable mounts but they only allow verticle adjustment.  That still leaves me WAY off on the 

windage axis.

Any suggestions...








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2018-02-01 16:13:21  

I would try a different scope that you know works on a different rifle. That should help rule out that the rail on the gun is not straight. I don't have that problem on my Mutant, but I believe I have seen posts from others where that was a problem.

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2018-02-07 12:00:41  

I had that problem, and it was the scope that was off.  My Veteran has done fine with the three scopes I've tried on it.  I think Burks has the best idea...try a proven scope before you blame the rifle.

Is the FFP scope new or used?  Did it work on a previous rifle?  Several possibilities here...



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