Steyr LG110 Challen...

Steyr LG110 Challenge HP Hunting – Close Up Look  


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2019-04-25 02:15:39  

This is not a review but rather an up close look at one of the most accurate air rifles you can buy. The Steyr LG110 Challenge Hunting HP in .22. There are also guest appearances by the Steyr Hunting 5 Automatic, and the Anschutz 9015 ONE Hunter. Full length reviews of all these PCP rifles will be along in the near future. Thanks for watching! -Nate 

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Charlie Sierra
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2019-04-25 19:56:35  

I prefer the LG 100 AZ tuned and the LG 110 over this gun but I did buy it in .22 for some fun. 

The “degasser” is really the filler that comes with all of the LG and can be used if you unscrew the cylinder. Some people do that I guess even with the quick fill option installed. 

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2019-04-25 21:26:27  

That Steyr Hunting 5 Auto looks like the one Michael sold.



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