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2018-08-23 10:55:15  

I have two older air pistols. One is a Colt Defender and the other is a Daisy 15XT.

Having the same problem with both.  The seals for the co2 leaks when seated.

I'm not even sure if the seal is there.  

On the Colt it appears there is a light green colored seal there.. ?

The Daisy it's hard to tell.. Maybe a clear or slightly yellow tinted seal there ?

Couple of questions.

Can this seal fall out or is it retained by the fitting ?

Where can new seals be purchased ?

Thanx in advance for any help 

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2018-08-23 14:31:19  

the seal are just pressure fit, meaning they are a little over size and with that stay in place

I would go to Daisy for those parts and Umarex for the Colt

that type of seal system is used in many gun from many manufactures and need to be replace sooner then later

so if you get some seal get a few of each

email Daisy and they will send you a parts diagram and Umarex will do the same, I have done it many times





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2018-08-24 11:27:55  

Thank You very much.  


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