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SSP pistols....FAS 604 and FAS 6004 differences?  


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2018-12-03 16:36:53  

Anyone ever had both and can make a distinction between the two?  One better than the other?  Glaring differences?  Had the 6004 and really liked it..Sold it and now kinda regret it.  Before I buy a new one from PA for $419, is it worth seeking out an older 604?

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2018-12-03 18:18:38  

the only difference I know of is the dovetail for the front sight is different from the 604 to the 6004

grips are the same if you look at Rink grips could be some little things but I'm guessing there is little difference

the 604's are hard to find, at least I don't see many for sale

you see the 6004 on Ebay now and there is one that has the BME mount and that mount on that 6004 might be a one of a kind as John at BME had the guy send him the measurements on the dovetail and used them to complete an incomplete 604 mount, I asked the seller to find out the info

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