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Spare magazines for my B96 target pistol  


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2018-10-22 19:55:44  

I have an Aeron b96 5 shot semi-auto target pistol that I would like to get some spare magazines for.Could anyone give me an idea of what it would cost to make them?I will have a single shot magazine also so I could send the factory magazine to someone to duplicate.Any info would be appreciated as the magazines are presently not easily available.

BRNO B96 5s

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2018-10-22 23:21:32

someone make them as you can see bought 5 a few years back, the owner is Nick Mckean and you can use Pay Pal to pay for them, now just stay on him once ordered

now the mags themselves are a piece of art and work as they should

buy more then you need, they are just like money, no one else makes them

about the best I can do

take care




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