Showing off my .30 Mrod  


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March 13, 2018 14:39  

 I've had this .30 Mrod for a few years now. Powered by a Cothran Powerhouse valve, its always been an airhog. The power his valve makes is intoxicating 😅  When I 1st assembled, it was pushing 50.15gr JSB to arpund 1106 fps/136 fpe. Way to fast for accuracy 😮

 Added a tube extension and an in tube regulator, that got me more shots per fill, but plenum limited the power to around 65ish fpe.  I recently purchased a .30 pellet mold from NOE, it casts pellets from 59gr upto 72gr. The lack of plenum kept power at same 65 fpe.

 A friend of mine, who happens to be a Master Machinist asked me if I'd thought of adding a tank via dropblock, I said sure, from where?  He crafted me a custom 11" tube, and a threaded dropblock.  Using a 500cc 4.5k psi capable CF tank, with a reg set at 2600 psi, Ive found the power I needed.

 Now sending 60gr handcast pellets for over 900 fps/ 100+ fpe. My 1st chrony string was over 30 shots before it fell off reg. Whoo Hoo!!

Hoping for better weather tomorrow so I can see how it does at longer ranges. What little testing I did indoors was WAY too much for my backstop, what a beast!!

 This project has been long and drawn out, but definitely worth it. I am stoked to have this kinda power from a .30 pellet rifle 😉

 I'll follow up with some range results, I expect tight groups. More info asap......... I have alot more info listed on my Facebook group here


Lexan fail
MAX chrony
MAX tank closeup
MAX tanked

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March 15, 2018 15:53  

Wow...Just, wow. I have never seen a build like that. Awesome power. Nice job.

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March 18, 2018 13:42  

I like it.  I like power.


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March 18, 2018 14:18  

Awesome!!!  That's an all day medium sized game gun! Nice work!

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March 18, 2018 19:33  

Love it


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