Sheridan prices fal...

Sheridan prices falling?  


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2018-08-02 16:14:12  

Is it my imagination, or are the Blue/Silver Streaks going for lower prices than last year?  I have been sitting on several nice ones, including a cherry Silver Streak, hoping to fund my retirement (just kidding).   Does this seem true to anybody else?  Does eBay now selling airguns have anything to do with this?

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2018-08-02 17:57:19  

most of what I have seen on Ebay is that the prices are on the high side of reality to absurd, so I don't think it is Ebay and if I were to fund my retirement with said air guns it would be where I would put them

and I think it has to do with the ability to charge the gun to a card and not have to run to the post office to get a check, easy is always better at least for me, I'm lazy

and you are backed by Ebay and Pay Pal if for some reason you have a problem

just my humble observation



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