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COMPREHENSIVE Scope Model Comparison


Recently I have posted a scope model comparison table for 6-24x50 scopes, here:

Now, I’d like to share a scope comparison table for a different magnification range – 3-16x50 (incl. 3-18, 4-16, 3-20).

Why? Well, thanks(!) to comments from forum members, I have reconsidered my magnification range for an all-round scope.
And I have changed my mind.
6-24x is not what I need, and I’ll explain why:


I want only ONE scope on a rifle
– an all-round scope
– for BOTH hunting and targets
– both for 10 yard ratting and out to 100 and 150 yards
– because I don’t want to change my scope every time I switch from hunting to targets to hunting.
This requires an all-round scope.


Shooting paper targets with my UTG 6-24x is fine, but I admit that the 6x bottom end is still a very high magnification to acquire my targets when hunting.
6x gets difficult for:
–close-up animals,
–for moving animals,
–for a walking hunt, and
–for shooting in low light conditions.
A lower magnification would be better for these.



For me the perfect magnification range for an all-round scope is 3-18x50 (considering price and availability).
A 18x magnification is only one third step less than 24x. But a 3x magnification on the bottom end gets me twice the field of view as a 6x.
Here is a link to a discussion and graphic display that explains the field of view (FoV) and how the different numbers of the scope magnification relate to each other:



Now, I researched what scopes are available in this magnification range, 3-18, 3-16, 4-16, and similar. And I made a comparison table.
● A list of features/ specifications and the actual comparison table in the attached PDF.
● The reasons listed why certain features are important for certain types of shooting.



This can help you make a short list of scopes that fulfill your personal requirements – and you can start shopping.
You still have a week till Christmas.... Just sayin’....

But please, don’t tell the wife it was me who gave you this scope table that “caused” you the need to replace your scope.
And don’t blame me when the scope you end up buying has different specs than the one in the table – I’m just human and can err (just ask my wife). So, check for yourself.


● If you find an error, I’d appreciate the update.
● And if you have any info if a certain scope is either “airgun approved” or “magnum approved”, I’d appreciate a link to the webpage that says so.
● I’ll try to include that in an updated edition.
● If you are not finding some of the prices for the scopes let me know (the Falcon is sold in the US by SWFA, and they have a 12% sale till tonight).


Happy shooting!!


● ● ● Attached PDF file at the end ● ● ●


PS: Before you all ask – “What scope would YOU choose?!?” – here’s my favorite, by a stretch:
Falcon 3-18x50
It checks all my boxes.
Comes from the UK. Very solid.
FFP, great reticle.
The elevation adjustment range is serious long range shooter territory (90 MOA!).
It’s got turret revolution counters.
And at SWFA (backorder) – it’s $334 with tonight’s 12% discount.


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