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August 8, 2018 20:19  

Had my 56 out to the range today.  It is a powder burner range, but it was unoccupied today and quiet.  Perfect time to shoot airguns. 

My question/comment is this.  I have owned this rifle about 5 years, and probably shot a 500 to 1000 pellets through it.  How often should I clean the bore?  Is it necessary before I see accuracy degrading? 

Although I have been shooting air guns off and on since I was a kid, I mostly shoot powder burners, so I am not real familiar with air gun maintenance. 

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August 9, 2018 17:39  

Yours is a simple question.

You're spot on--don't worry about cleaning the bore until you see accuracy degrade for no other apparent reason.  Now, if you're afraid you'll miss the right cleaning interval, just pick a number like "2,000 shots" and do your cleaning then.  How do you know when you've reached the 2,000 shot threshold?  What works for me is to save my empty pellet tins or boxes in a marked cardboard box so I can count the number of shots I've taken for a specific air gun.  After you DO clean, you should shoot somewhere around 15 fouling shots to re-season the barrel with a thin coating of lead before you can expect to see velocity and accuracy return to normal.

Unlike a powder burner, there's no powder residue and moisture to form harmful acids that could damage the barrel and need to be removed by frequent cleaning.  HTH.

Safe and Happy Shooting!

Ed, the Airgun Tune-Meister



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