Ruger Mark 1 accura...

Ruger Mark 1 accuracy problem.  


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2018-02-09 12:25:21  

My first pellet pistol is a ruger mark 1 .177. I've always found it to be pretty accurate. Very early on I lost the cocking assist , and just never really used it all that much cause it IS a bear to cock. So got into shooting past summer and starting firing it and accurate, but got to point I couldn't keep cocking it without hurting hand, so umarex was kind enough to send me one for free!! great folks there, invoice stated  8.99 for part 8.99 for shipping, final cost free customer appreciation! And all I did was send a email, and they just sent it, didnt know it was coming! Ok plug for Umarex complete

anyway, slide it on and take a shot (leaving assist on) and miss. load, miss,load miss,load again? and a miss

take it off, and hit target over and over again. put back on and miss..

Ive read these should be OK to leave on?  why is it hitting high when I shoot? Looking down bore with light with assist lever on, its  completely clear, no obstructions. no marks on plastic assist so not hitting anywhere

anyone have any idea why this is happening? bugs me 



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The cocking assist changes the point in recoil that the B.B./pellet leaves the barrel, affecting POI.


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