Remington Genesis s...

Remington Genesis stuck in cocked position for over 5 years!  


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2018-03-11 20:05:30  

So...did a repair on a Remington Genesis that stuck in the cocked position.  The owner just confirmed that it had been like that for 5.5 years!

Some parts in the trigger had to be filed down, some replaced.  The rest of the rifle was just fine.  The spring/spring guide/plug assembly still had about 6" of preload on it (had to be backed out of the gun for 6" before it came free from the clamp).  

The spring itself was sound.  No compressed coils, no bends, no cracks.  Decided to just clean and lube it and put it all back together to test it out.

This .177 cal version is shooting in the 900fps range with JSB Heavies.  Don't know if that is normal for this or not, but it certainly answers the question "How long can I keep a springer cocked?"  Answer: forever, apparently.

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2018-03-25 16:12:29  

Or, at least 5.5 years if it’s a Genesis...

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2018-03-25 18:27:37  

Mine did the normal 880-890 with CPHP, before and after being sent to a tuner. Still miss that thing. Sounds like that guy has a good one!

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2018-03-26 21:19:09  

Wow, talk about a stout spring..Peashooterjoe

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2018-03-27 00:56:42  

It's seems a frequently denied fact that compression/decompression cycles is what wears out a spring, not constant compression.  An  old engineer told me this.  At first it seemed counterintuitive.  This is probably why it's denied so often.  Here we have another piece of data.

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2018-03-27 07:09:09  

Several years ago Airgun World had an article that said to cock a spring gun that has a new spring and put it in a closet for 6 weeks. Meanwhile try not to give in to temtation and shoot it. 5 years show's an extreme amount of patience.

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2018-03-27 13:24:14  

This anecdote confirms what many controlled experiments have shown.  

And yet many still worry or assert that leaving a springer cocked for 30min or more while hunting or whatever will damage the spring.  

It won't.


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2018-03-27 13:32:35  

Not all springers are created equal. More specifically, not all springs are created equal.

You'd think HW Weihrauch springers would have good springs, but I've owned many (assorted models) that lost power within the first 2,000 rounds due to the springs taking a major set or actually breaking. This included at least 4 of the guns I bought brand-new, and none of the many ever abused in any way.

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2018-03-29 18:37:05  

That compression decompression info regarding wear is pretty helpful.  I doubt I'll ever get rid of the anxiety to shoot after I cock my springer for fear of wear but I can try.  While I've never left it cocked longer then a minute, I have gone into rapid fire mode for a long time.  I'm especially glad to hear this for the springer hunting applications.  Especially anything in a blind where you have to sit still for a long time. 


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