refillable 2.5 oz a...

refillable 2.5 oz avanti tanks (for daisy ten meter rifles)  


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2018-07-29 22:54:07  

can anyone explain to me how the stamped on hydro date applies to these small diameter co2 tanks ?   they are just over one inch in diameter.  many sporting goods stores will not refill the larger dia tanks after the 5 years from that stamped on date in my area.    

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2018-07-29 23:53:14  

a hydro dating is the same on all tanks, tiny to very large, the tiny ones are ignored by most bulk fill owner but in the case of a competition they would have to be current

so you are not bulk filling yourself the sporting goods store might say sorry no can do

you could see if Daisy will do it and is there a safety issue there could be but that is up to you

the fact that most just keep shooting with there out of date tanks is a normal reality in both co2 and pcp


Doug Wall
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2018-07-30 05:48:15  

Tanks less than 2" diameter are exempt from hydro testing. Look just below the table on this link.

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2018-07-30 12:28:26  

Doug is right, tanks under 2" in dia are exempt.  My local big box sporting goods store consented to fill my Daisy tanks after I showed them this in writing. 


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