RAW velocity loss

RAW velocity loss  


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2018-04-05 20:40:08  

Looking for some advice.  I have a RAW HM1000 25 cal that was set up by Martin for maximum accuracy at 835 fps using 25 gr JSBs.  It has always been an absolute tack driver.  I was at the indoor shooting range last week and had just shot a 3/4″ group at a hundred yards which is a little better than what I usually see.  When I’m doing my part it’s normally between just under an inch to and inch and half shooting unsorted ammo right out of the tin with an occasional flyer.  When I went to shoot the next group my POI dropped about 3 inches and the group opened up to about 3 inches as well.  Same thing with the next two groups.  I had been shooting for a while and hadn’t cleaned the barrel in a while, so I figured the barrel was probably dirty and headed home.  I cleaned the barrel and decided to check the velocity. I topped off the bottle to make sure it wasn’t off the reg and sure enough, the velocity had dropped almost 20 fps, and even with the HST maxed out, I couldn’t get it any higher than 824 fps.  I haven’t had a chance to get back to the range to test the accuracy, but I’m betting the POI is still going to be low based on the lower velocity.

Has anyone else had this issue with a RAW?  Mine is right about 2 years old, and has probably no more than 7 or 8 tins of pellets through the tube.  Any advice greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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2018-04-09 18:59:23  

I doubt if 20 fps would even make a noticeable difference. And I'm assuming that your scope and mounts are tight. 

    Call Martin and talk to him and if nessary box it up and let him check it out. No one knows these guns better than him and he is very reasonable. You are lucky to own a Rapid when you have an issue you can hand it to the man that made it. 



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